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Fluke 125S Industrial ScopeMeter with Software

Model: 125/003S

Features 40MHz sampling on two inputs, real-time monochrome scope, plus bus health test, power and harmonics measurements. Ideal for installing and troubleshooting field buses and motors. Includes SCC120 kit (software, communications cable and durable carry case).

This product has been discontinued. Click here for the replacement model(s).

Fluke 125/003S Offers

The Fluke 125 Industrial ScopeMeter is a rugged, reliable solution for industrial troubleshooting and installation applications.

As the latest addition to the Fluke 120 Series ScopeMeters, the Fluke 125 has advanced features for installing and troubleshooting field buses and electrical machines. The ScopeMeter performs a bus health test on industrial buses, for example, which are rapidly becoming a headache for Service, Maintenance and Installation (SMI) engineers. The test quickly determines whether the bus is working and if not, helps to identify the cause. The rugged ScopeMeter works with many Industrial Networks including AS-I bus, CAN-bus, Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus and Ethernet.

In addition, the instrument can test power input, sensor timing, motor windings, drive output timing and power measurements - thus eliminating the need for expensive, more specialized test equipment.

All Fluke's market-leading Fluke 120 Series ScopeMeters integrate oscilloscope, true-RMS digital multimeter and dual-input 'paperless' recorder in one instrument. The ScopeMeters are 600 V CAT III safety certified for machinery, instrumentation, control and power systems. The new Fluke 125 has all the features of the successful Fluke 123 and Fluke 124 ScopeMeters and, in addition to the bus health test, it also carries out effective (Vpwm) voltage measurements of motor drive output, and has 0.01 ohm resolution on the 50 Ohms range for testing motor windings. User-named data setups make for easy use.

Simple good/bad readout for Field Bus parameters

The bus health tests of the Fluke 125 ScopeMeter find defects like bad or missing terminators, bad cable splits, missing links, incorrect line loading, line interrupts, short circuit conditions and reflections. The instrument continuously acquires the bus signal and compares parameters to official specifications. It displays bus speed and measures signal quality with 'good' or 'bad' indications for parameters like rise- and fall-time, amplitude, bias level, pulse width and distortion. The instrument checks at the hardware (not protocol) level. An eye-pattern mode allows for a visual check of signal integrity.

Harmonic analysis and power consumption

Extended Harmonics Analysis of mains waveforms reaches up to the 33rd harmonic. That includes the important 3rd and 5th harmonics, which may be the cause of overheating in neutral wire or motor, as well as flat-topping of the mains voltage from non-linear loads like SMPS units. The wide frequency range covers railway (16.66 Hz) and airplane systems (400 Hz) applications.

Power measurements cover single-phase and balanced-3-phase, 3-wire systems (Watt, VA, VAR and Power Factor). Unlike PQ analyzers, the instrument is not restricted to 50/60 Hz, and can measure power at the output of motor drives and frequency converters.

The Vpwm measurement capability shows the output voltage of motor drives exactly as the motor perceives it. For electrical and combustion engines, the 125 can indicate revolutions-per-minute (rpm), and can be set up for 1 or 2 rotations per pulse, or 1 rotation per 2 or 4 pulses. A 50-ohm resistance range brings excellent 0.01-ohm resolution for checking motor windings and other wiring.

Series automates measurements from industrial systems

The Fluke ScopeMeter 120 Series performs automated measurements on motor, switch and similar signals. The 123 has a 20 MHz bandwidth, while the 124 is a 40 MHz bandwidth instrument that performs more advanced measurements. The 125 is also a 40 MHz instrument but includes features for testing Field Bus and motors. All incorporate Fluke's unique Connect-and-View to recognize signal patterns, and automatically set up correct triggering.

The Fluke 125 includes a Power Adapter, test leads, 40 MHz probe, BP120MH battery (up to 7 hours operation) and i400s current clamp. The Fluke 125/S adds FlukeView software, carrying case and OC4USB cable.

This product - the Fluke 125S - includes FlukeView Forms software, communications cable and a durable carry case.

Fluke 125/003S Specifications

Oscilloscope Bandwidth
40 MHz
Dual input True RMS Meter

Vdc, Vac, Vac+Vdc, Ohms,Continuity , Diode-test

Current, °C, °F, Capacitance, dBV, dBM, Crest Factor, Touch Hold and Zeroset
TrendPlot Recording

Automatic vertical scaling and time compression.

Display the actual, MIN, MAX and AVG reading.
∆T, 1/∆T, V, ∆V, rise- and fall time
Real-time sample rate

25 MS/s
Inputs and digitizers

Timebase range
20 ns - 1 min/div
Input sensitivity

5 mV - 500 V/div
Trigger types

Connect-and-View™, Free Run, Single Shot, Edge, Video, External
Glitch capture

40 ns
Scope measurements
Automatic 26
Maximum record length

512 min/max pts per input
20 screens and setups

Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature

0 °C to 50 °C
Storage Temperature

-20 °C to +60 °C
Operating Altitude

3,000 m

Safety Specifications
Electrical Safety

600V CAT III (EN61010-1)

Mechanical & General Specifications

232 x 115 x 50 mm

1.2 kg

3 years parts and labor (one year on accessories)
Battery Life

7 hrs using NiMH
RS-232 Interface

Optically isolated via optional PM9080 or OC4USB for interfacing to Printer or PC
Click here for complete specifications on the Fluke 125/003S

What's included with the Fluke 125/003S

  • Fluke AC120 Alligator clips
  • Fluke BB120 Shielded BNC adapter
  • Getting started booklet
  • Fluke HC120 Hook Clips
  • Fluke PM 8907 Battery Charger/Line Voltage Adapter
  • Fluke STL120 Shielded Test Lead Set
  • Fluke BP 120 MH
  • User manual (CD-ROM)
  • Fluke VPS40 Voltage Probe, 40 MHz, 10:1
  • Fluke I400s AC Current Clamp
Fluke SCC 120 includes:
  • Hard-shell Carrying Case
  • OC4USB Optically Isolated RS-232 Adapter/Cable
  • FlukeView for ScopeMeter Windows® software
FlukeView ScopeMeter software helps you get more out of your ScopeMeter by:

  • Documenting: Transfer screens, waveforms, and measurement data from the ScopeMeter to your PC for printing, or to import data to other programs.
  • Archiving: Store and retrieve waveforms with text annotations and create your own library for easy reference and comparison.
  • Analysis: Gather valuable measurement data and enable cursor measurements to reveal relationships and conditions. Extended recording of up to four user-selected measurements help you monitor and analyze slow moving signals and related events. Upload waveforms to the PC and use cursors for detailed measurements. Perform waveform analysis, including analyzing harmonics.

  • Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP
  • Requires one free RS-232 port (COM port)
  • Requires optional PM9080 RS-232 Adapter/Cable


Click on a category to view a selection of compatible accessories with the Fluke 125S Industrial ScopeMeter with Software.

Fluke SW90W FlukeView ScopeMeter Software SW90W
Documents, archives, and analyzes slow moving signals and related events. For use with 120B Series ScopeMeters.
$286.19 USD

was $317.99

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Fluke TL81A Deluxe Electronic Test Lead Set TL81A
Works with Digital Multimeters that accept safety shrouded, standard diameter, banana connectors. Includes a quad-fold nylon pouch.
$143.99 USD

was $159.99

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Fluke TL71 Premium Right Angle Test Lead Set TL71
Comfort grip probes with flexible silicone-insulated, right-angle test leads. They are heat and cold resistant, with a safety rating of CAT II 1000 V, 10 A.
$32.99 USD

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Fluke TL40 Retractable Tip Test Lead Set TL40
Adjustable to desired length from 0 to 76mm.
$49.99 USD

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Fluke TL224 SureGrip™ Silicone Insulated Test Leads TL224
These insulated test leads provide the convenience and variety for test lead configurations by attaching clips, hooks and grabbers as needed.
$32.99 USD

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Fluke TL221 SureGrip™ Test Lead Extension Set TL221
Features over molded surfaces and finger-hugging curves for a more comfortable and reliable grip, this test lead extension set is designed to improve steadiness in slippery hands.
$32.99 USD

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Fluke TL220 Suregrip Industrial Test Lead Set TL220
Includes the Fluke AC220, Fluke TP220, and Fluke TL224.
$84.99 USD

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Fluke L210 Probe Light Kit L210
Comes in a small and rugged design, this probe light kit liberates the users' hands for work. Additionally, it features a bright white LED and fits between the modular test probe and test lead.
$54.99 USD

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Fluke TL910 Electronic Test Probe Set TL910
One pair (red, black) of leads with very small tips to access hard to reach electronic test points.
$74.99 USD

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Fluke SCC128 Automotive Troubleshooting kit (120 Series) SCC128
Includes SW90W FlukeFiew Software package, cables, test leads, pins, adapters, alligator clips, banana plugs with C75 soft case, all in C120 Carrying Case. Does not include ScopeMeter.
$764.99 USD

was $849.99

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Fluke AC120 Alligator Clips AC120
Set of three (red, gray, black) safety designed insulated alligator clips for use with STL 120 Shielded Test Leads and TL75 Test Leads. Features a nickel-plated steel jaw contact material with a standard jaw opening of 5/16" (8 mm), and accepts standard 0.08" (2 mm) pin tip sized test probes.
$42.99 USD

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$238.49 USD

was $264.99

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Fluke PM9092/001 50 Ohm Coaxial BNC cable set PM9092/001
Set of 3 color coded cables with BNC male connectors. Dimensions: 3 x 0.5m.
$94.99 USD

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Fluke PV350 Pressure Vacuum Module PV350
Compatible with a variety of digital multimeters, this pressure vacuum module measures vacuum to 76 cm Hg and pressure to 3447 kPa (500 psig).
$557.99 USD

was $619.99

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Fluke L200 Probe Light L200
Easily attaches to any Fluke test probe.
$34.99 USD

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Fluke i1000s AC Current Probe I1000S
Designed to expand oscilloscope applications in industrial and power environments. Ideal for measuring distorted current waveforms and harmonics.
$539.99 USD

was $599.99

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Fluke i6000s Flex-24 AC Current Probe I6000S-FLEX-24
Flexible 24" 6000A AC current probe with BNC terminated lead.
$701.99 USD

was $779.99

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Fluke i6000s Flex-36 AC Current Probe I6000S-FLEX-36
Flexible 36" 6000A AC current probe with BNC terminated lead.
$800.99 USD

was $889.99

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Fluke i310s Current Probe I310S
AC/DC Clamp. Features a range of 30A and 300A AC & 45A and 450A DC.
$443.69 USD

was $492.99

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Fluke i3000s Flex-36 AC Current Clamp, 36 inch length I3000S-FLEX-36
36" length, 3000A max, switchable current range for 30A, 300A or 3000A using a 1mA/A, 10mV/A or 100mV/A output and BNC connector.
$629.99 USD

was $699.99

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Fluke i3000s Flex-24 Flexible AC Current Probe, 24 inch length I3000S-FLEX-24
Flexible 24" 3000A AC current probe with BNC terminated lead.
$539.99 USD

was $599.99

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Fluke i30s AC/DC Current Clamp I30S
30A AC/DC current clamp with BNC terminated lead.
$602.99 USD

was $669.99

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Fluke i30 AC/DC Current Clamp I30
Hall Effect technology. Features a Current range of 20A, a measuring range of ±30A, and an Output of 100 mV/A.
$494.99 USD

was $549.99

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Fluke 80I-110s AC/DC Current Clamp 80I-110s
The Fluke 80i-110s is optimized for accurate reproduction of currents at line frequency up to the 50th harmonic waveform.
$764.99 USD

was $849.99

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Fluke i3000s AC Current Clamp I3000S
3000A AC current clamp with BNC terminated lead
$584.99 USD

was $649.99

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Fluke i200s AC Current Clamp I200S
A dual-range of 20 A and 200 A ac current clamp with voltage output via a safety insulated BNC connector. A dual banana to BNC adapter is supplied to allow the clamp to be connected to multimeters with banana inputs.
$242.99 USD

was $269.99

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Fluke BP120MH NiMH Battery Pack BP120MH
Replacement battery for the120 series ScopeMeters test tools and 43 and 43B Power Quality Analyzers. The battery is a Nickel-Metal-Hydride battery pack.
$125.99 USD

was $139.99

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Fluke C125 Soft Meter Case for Fluke Multimeters C125
Soft zippered carrying case with detachable external pouch. To be used with the 120-series, multimeters and testers.
$41.99 USD

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Fluke C120 Hard Carrying Case C120
Heavy-duty case with accessory storage compartments, and is for use with the 120 Series or 43/43B main instrument, associated accessories, and user manual.
$124.19 USD

was $137.99

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Fluke 80TK Thermocouple Module 80TK
Thermocouple converter that accepts the output of any K-type thermocouple and converts it to 1 mV per degree (Celsius or Fahrenheit).
$143.99 USD

was $159.99

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Fluke 80T-150U Universal Temperature Probe 80T-150UA
A self-contained temperature-to-voltage converter, this probe is designed to provide a direct temperature reading when it is connected to any high impedance DMM capable of 1 mV resolution, and at least a 300-count full-scale readout capability.
$260.99 USD

was $289.99

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Fluke 80PK-8 Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe 80PK-8
Uses Type-K thermocouple for fast temperature and superheat measurements of pipe surfaces. Designed to reliably measure the temperature of pipes ¼" (6 mm) to 1⅜" (35 mm) in diameter, at temperatures between -20 and 300°F (-29 and 149°C), while retaining a long service life.
$170.99 USD

was $189.99

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Fluke 80PK-3A Surface Temperature Probe 80PK-3A
Compatible with any temperature measuring instrument that accepts type K thermocouples and features a miniature connector input. Additionally, this surface temperature probe is ideal for measuring the temperature of flat or slightly convex surfaces, with an exposed junction to allow direct contact with the surface being measured.
$152.99 USD

was $169.99

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Fluke 80PK-26 SureGrip Tapered Temperature Probe 80PK-26
Features a tapered tip, making this tapered temperature probe ideal for use in air, non-caustic gas, and surface applications.
$112.49 USD

was $124.99

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Fluke 80PK-24 SureGrip™ Air Temperature Probe 80PK-24
A K type thermocouple probe ideal for use in air and non-caustic gas measurements. Additionally, this air temperature probe features a bead protected by perforated baffle.
$112.49 USD

was $124.99

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Fluke 80PK-22 SureGrip™ Immersion Temperature Probe 80PK-22
Compatible with any temperature measuring instrument that accepts K type thermocouples and features a miniature connector input. Additionally, this immersion temperature probe is for use in liquid and gels, and can also be used as a general-purpose probe.
$98.99 USD

was $109.99

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Fluke BB120 Shielded Banana to Female BNC Adapter BB120
Safety designed female BNC to shielded banana adapter for use with 120 Series ScopeMeters and 43B Power Quality Analyzer.
$41.99 USD

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Fluke CS20MA Current Shunt CS20MA
Features a 4 to 20mA current range for AC and DC measurements on process control loops and is intended for use with Fluke ScopeMeter test tools.
$104.99 USD

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Fluke SCC120E Special Value Kit for 120B Series SCC120E
Comes equipped with FlukeView Software in English, carrying case, and optically isolated USB interface cable for 120B Series ScopeMeters.
$427.49 USD

was $474.99

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Fluke OC4USB USB Interface Cable OC4USB
A USB interface cable designed to connect the optically-isolated serial interface port of ScopeMeter or Power Quality Analyzer to a standard USB-interface on your PC. Additionally, it features optical isolation, which allows users to float their instrument at mains voltages or beyond while being connected to your PC.
$190.79 USD

was $211.99

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