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Fluke i200s AC Current Clamp

Model: I200S

A dual-range of 20 A and 200 A ac current clamp with voltage output via a safety insulated BNC connector. A dual banana to BNC adapter is supplied to allow the clamp to be connected to multimeters with banana inputs.

Add In-House Traceable Calibration to your I200S

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  • Companion to your scope meter, power quality meter or digital multimeter to measure up to 200 A AC
  • Included adapter for DMM's
  • Two ranges: 20 A and 200 A, 10 or 100 mV/Amp output
  • Take accurate current readings without breaking the circuit
  • Max. conductor Ø 0.8" (20 mm)
  • CAT III 600 V safety rating

Fluke I200S Specifications

Nominal Current Range 20 A
200 A
Continuous Current Range 0.1 to 24 A
0.5 to 200 A
Maximum Non-Destructive 240 A
Lowest Measurable Current 0.1 A
Basic Accuracy 1.5% + 0.5 A (48 to 65 Hz) (% reading + floor spec)
Useable Frequency 40 Hz to 10 kHz
Output Level(s) 100 mV/A
10 mV/A
Safety CAT III, 600 V
Maximum Voltage 600 V AC
Maximum Conductor Diameter 0.8" (20 mm)
Maximum Conductor Size (busbar) 0.8 x 0.2" (20 x 5 mm)
Output Cable Length 6.56' (2 m)
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What's included with the Fluke I200S

  • Current Clamp
  • Dual Banana to BNC Adapter

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