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Fluke 750P3IN Pressure Module, 0 to 3" H2O (0 to 7.5 Mbar)

Model: 750P3IN

Features the best compatibility with most pressure calibrators including Fluke 750 and 720 series for gauge, differential and absolute pressure measurement. This pressure module parameter/range is 0 to 3" H2O (0 to 7.5 mbar) with 10X burst rating.

Add In-House Traceable Calibration to your 750P3IN

2 to 3 Weeks

$1,679.99 USD

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Fluke 750P3IN Offers

Gauge pressure modules have one pressure fitting and measure the pressure with respect to atmospheric pressure. Differential pressure modules have two pressure fittings and measure the difference between the applied pressure on the high fitting versus the low fitting. Each module is clearly labeled for pressure range and media compatibility.


  • Up to 0.01% reference uncertainty
  • 6 month and 1 year specifications
  • Digital communication to calibrators, no analog losses or errors
  • Communicates measurements to calibrators in digital form, eliminating errors due to poor connections and electrical interference
  • Offers broad selection of ranges
  • Enables gauge, differential, dual range, absolute and vacuum measurement models
  • Stainless steel diaphragm to isolate the sensor (in many models)
  • Rugged urethane overmolding to protect against shock being dropped and also seals against dirt, dust, and moisture

Fluke 750P3IN Specifications

Parameter/Range 0 to 3" H2O (0 to 7.5 mbar)
Burst Rating 10X
Hi Side Media Dry Air
Lo Side Media Dry Air
Reference Uncertainty ±0.15%
Total Uncertainty 1 Year (15 to 35°C) ±0.3%
Total Uncertainty 1 Year ±0.35%
Total Uncertainty 6 Month (15 to 35°C) ±0.25%
Total Uncertainty 6 Month ±0.35%
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What's included with the Fluke 750P3IN

  • Fluke 750P3IN Pressure Module, 0 to 3" H2O (0 to 7.5 Mbar)

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