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Fluke FP FoodPro Food Safety Thermometer

Model: FP

This product has been discontinued. To view the closest replacement for this product, click here to go to our affiliate website.

Fluke brings its test and measurement equipment expertise to the foodservice industry with contact and non-contact temperature measurement solutions. The new Fluke FoodPro Thermometer Series provides a complete temperature measurement and monitoring solution for foodservice professionals. It includes two useful temperature inspection tools, which are designed to enable foodservice professionals to quickly and accurately measure food product temperatures and to help detect potential food safety problems.

The Fluke FoodPro Food Safety Non-Contact Thermometer is the first line of defense against improper receiving, storage and holding temperatures. Using an infrared measurement technique, the highly accurate FoodPro quickly reads surface temperatures, allowing workers to make rapid and frequent temperature measurements - faster than contact units and without fear of cross contamination. The easy-to-see illumination light shows you the measurement area.

Both FoodPro Series thermometers are hand-washable and feature unique HACCP check lights, which immediately indicate safe or potentially unsafe holding temperatures with either green or red lights.

Useful applications:

  • Receiving: Use FoodPro Series thermometers to quickly verify proper temperatures of food products at the point of delivery as recommended by your HACCP program.
  • Food holding: Easily monitor hot and cold food holding. HACCP check lights provide instant recognition of safe/unsafe temperatures.
  • Inspection: Conduct food line inspections daily to ensure compliance with local food temperature monitoring requirements.
  • Equipment Calibration: Verify proper operating temperature of coolers, freezers, grills, fryers, warmers, as well as hot and cold storage units to avoid inconsistent food service, costly spoilage and to allow quicker response, reducing equipment repair costs.
  • Dining room: Easily verify temperatures in every aspect of food serving to ensure safety, enhance quality and reduce waste.

Fluke FP Specifications

Infrared Specifications
-30 °C to 200 °C

(Assumes ambient operating temperature of 23 °C ±2 °)

Between 0 °C and 65 °C: ±1 °C

Below 0 °C : ±1 ° ±0.1 degree/degree

Above 65 °C): ±1.5 % of reading
Response time

<500 ms after initial reading
Spectral Response

8-14 microns

Pre-set for foodservice applications
Distance to spot size/Optical Resolution (D:S)

2.5:1 @ 90 % energy, typical
Typical working range (target illumination)

?25 mm to 250 mm
Minimum target size

12 mm
Illumination to IR channel offset

13 mm

Operational Specifications

Within accuracy specifications of the unit
Ambient operating range

0 °C to 50 °C
Relative Humidity

90 % (+/- 5 %) RH non condensing @ 30 °C
Storage Temperature

-20 °C to 60 °C
100 g (with battery)
150 mm x 30 mm x50 mm
Power, battery life
1 AA alkaline
Battery Life
alkaline 10 hours minimum @ 23 °C
Target illumination

High Brightness LED
Display Resolution
4 digits, 0.2 °C
Displayhold (7seconds)
LCD backlit display
Temperature display
4 digits, 0.2 °C resolution
Maximum temperature displayed
Environmental Data

IP54 sealing (hand-washable, non-submersible)

Other Specifications

Conforms to EN 61236-1 Electromagnetic Emissions and Susceptibility, EN 6101-1 General Safety, Sealing IP54 (hand washable, non-submersible)


2 years

At calibration geometry of 279 mm with a 140 mm diameter, 0/97 emissivity blackbody.

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What's included with the Fluke FP

  • Fluke FP FoodPro Food Safety Thermometer

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