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Fluke BC190/813 Line Voltage Adapter / Battery Charger

Model: BC190/813

BC190/813 Line Voltage Adapter / Battery Charger (North America) 120V ± 10% (Line cord included).

This product has been discontinued. Click here for the replacement model(s).

Fluke BC190/813 Offers

Fluke BC190/813 battery charger and US AC power adapter for the Fluke Scopemeter 190 Series. This charger supports the Fluke BP190 NiMH battery pack as used in the following Fluke Scopemeter Models: 192, 192B, 196, 196B, 196C, 199B, 199C.
The BC190 is both a battery charger and AC power adapter and battery charging will occur (though at a slower rate) while the Scopemeter is in use. No damage will occur if the charger is connected for long periods, e.g., during the weekend. The instrument then automatically switches to trickle charging.
The Fluke BC190/813 is the North American version with 120V 50 - 60Hz inputs and comes complete with line cord. A universal version is available below (see related items) but please note that the universal version does not include a power line cord.
Also known as fluke battery charger BC190 fluke scopemeter ac adapter BC190/813 scopemeter power adapter battery eliminator 116057. Previous model, now discontinued was known as the BC190/803.
Frequency (all versions): 50-60Hz ± 10%
Output Voltage: 17.8V DC
Output Power: 15W
Power Consumption: 23.7VA
Max. Voltage to Ground: 600V rms. CAT III per IEC 1010-1

What's included with the Fluke BC190/813

  • Fluke BC190/813 Line Voltage Adapter / Battery Charger

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