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Fluke FTPL-1 Fuse Test Probe Set With Test Leads

Model: FTPL-1

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Fluke FTPL-1 Offers

SureGrip Fused Test Probe and Test Lead set with built-in replaceable fuses for additional measurement protection. If the probe fuse does blow, these fused test probes will still allow the meter to indicate live voltage, helping to prevent a possible misreading of no voltage present. These modular probes ship with the Fluke TL224 silicone test leads. Rated to CAT III 1000 V, these probes have removable tip guards for reduced probe tip exposure.

  • Built in fuses for additional measurement protection, 1000 V, 11 A with 20 kA interrupt rating
  • Fluke fuse part number 803293
  • 2 mm threaded probe tips include removable 4 mm spring contacts and removable insulated caps for probing closely spaced leads
  • TL224 leads are right angle connector on one end and straight connector on the other with reinforced strain reliefs, 1.5 meter silicone – insulated wire resists heat and cold
  • Operating temperature – 20 °C to 50 °C (-5 °F to 120 °F)
  • CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V, 10 A rating
  • One year warranty

*Voltage readings with blown fuse are approximate and vary with the meter impedance. Before and after each measurement, verify presence of blown fuse by checking continuity of the fused test probe. Current mode is non-functional with blown fuse.

What's included with the Fluke FTPL-1

  • Fluke FTPL-1 Fuse Test Probe Set With Test Leads

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