Fluke 9936A LogWare III Software, Base PC License

Model: 9936A

$1,085.00 USD

Availability: 2 to 3 Weeks


Fluke 9936A Offers

LogWare III is designed to acquire environmental condition data from the Model 1620/1620A "DewK" Thermo-Hygrometer using either RS-232 or TCP/IP (Ethernet) communications. Optionally, the software also supports wireless communications using the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless communication protocol.


  • Greatly improved performance for database transactions, such as committing downloaded/imported data or querying logged data
  • Option to run LogWare III Client application as a service - does not require user to be logged in
  • Improved and simplified e-mail setup and event configuration
  • Improved e-mail delivery system
  • Option to have graph background color change based on current alarm states for better visual management
  • Option to set alarm warning threshold values allows users to be warned before an alarm is tripped
  • Option to delay of out-of-tolerance alarm indications and e-mails to prevent single OOT readings from tripping alarms
  • Option to perform dew point calculations and display dew point value and statistics
  • Option to sync logger's internal data logging settings with Real-Time Log Session settings
  • Capability of applying a single location to all readings when importing data
  • Capability of downloading logged data without having to terminate Real-Time Log Session

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