Fluke 1555 Kit Insulation Resistance Tester Kit

Model: 1555/KIT

Insulation resistance testing kit includes the Fluke 1555C 10kV megohmmeter plus test cable set.

Add In House NIST Traceable Calibration to your 1555/KIT

2 to 3 Weeks

$5,499.99 USD

Fluke Connect is the best way to stay in contact with your team without leaving the field.


Digital insulation testing up to 10kV

The Fluke 1555 insulation resistance tester offers digital insulation testing up to 10 kV, making it ideal for testing a wide range of high voltage equipment including switchgear, motors, generators and cables.

Fluke insulation testers can now conduct the entire range of test voltages specified in IEEE 43-2000 with a best in class, 3 year warranty and CAT IV 600 V safety rating. With measurement storage and PC interface, the 1555 is a perfect tool for preventative or predictive maintenance programs designed to identify potential equipment failures before they occur.

The Fluke 1555's accuracy is specified for one year after calibration at operating temperatures of 0 °C to 35 °C. For operating temperatures outside the range (-20 °C to 0 °C and 35 °C to 50 °C), add ± .25 % per °C, except on the 20 % bands add ± 1 % per °C.


  • Insulation resistance/leakage current measurement
  • Step voltage testing
  • Dielectric absorption ratio
  • Polarization index
  • Ramp voltage

What's Included

  • Test cables with alligator clips (red, black, green)
  • Alligator clips
  • Infrared adapter with interface cable
  • FlukeView Forms basic CD-ROM
  • AC power cord
  • Soft carrying case
  • Users manual on CD-ROM
  • Quick Reference card
  • English manual
  • USB-IR cable installation guide
  • FlukeView Forms installation guide

The Fluke 1555 Kit also Includes

In addition to the standard accessories that already come with the Fluke 1555, the Fluke 1555/Kit includes:

  • IP67 hard carrying case
  • Ruggedized Alligator clips
  • Certificate of calibration


Insulation Resistance
Test voltage (DC) Range (DC) Accuracy (± reading)
250 V < 200 kΩ
200 kΩ to 5 GΩ
5 GΩ to 50 GΩ
> 50 GΩ
500 V < 200 kΩ
200 kΩ to 10 GΩ
10 GΩ to 100 GΩ
> 100 GΩ
1000 V < 200 kΩ
200 kΩ to 20 GΩ
20 GΩ to 200 GΩ
> 200 GΩ
2500 V < 200 kΩ
200 kΩ to 50 GΩ
50 GΩ to 500 GΩ
> 500 GΩ
5000 V < 200 kΩ
200 kΩ to 100 GΩ
100 GΩ to 1 TΩ
> 1 TΩ
10000 V < 200 kΩ
200 kΩ to 200 GΩ
10 GΩ to 2 TΩ
> 2 TΩ
Leakage Current Measurement
Range 1 nA to 2 mA
Accuracy ± (5 % + 2 nA)
Capacitance Measurement
Range 0.01 uF to 15.00°F
Accuracy ± (15 % rdg + 0.03°F)
Range 0 to 99 minutes
Accuracy Resolution Setting: 1 minute Indication: 1 second
Live Circuit Warning
Range Warning Range 30 V to 660 V AC/DC, 50/60 Hz
Accuracy Voltage Accuracy ± (15 % + 2 V)
Bar Graph Range 0 to 1 TΩ
Insulation Test Voltage Accuracy -0 %, +10 % at 1 mA load current
Induced AC Mains Current Rejection 2 mA maximum
Charging Rate for Capacitive Load 5 seconds per °F
Discharge Rate for Capacitive Load 1.5 s/°F
Click here for complete specifications on the Fluke 1555/KIT

Key Features

  • Test voltages up to 10 kV provides solutions for all applications
  • CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V safety rating
  • Voltage breakdown detection alerts the user that voltage is present and gives the voltage reading up to 600 V ac or dc for increased user safety
  • Selectable test voltages in 50 V steps from 250 to 1000 V, and 100 V steps above 1000 V
  • Measurements can be stored in up to 99 memory locations, with each location assigned a unique, user defined, label for easy recall
  • Long battery life gives the user over 750 tests between charges
  • Automatic calculation of Dielectric Absorption (DAR) and Polarization Index (PI) with no additional setup
  • Guard system eliminates the effect of surface leakage current on high-resistance measurements
  • Large digital/analog LCD for easy viewing
  • Capacitance and leakage current measurement
  • Ramp function for breakdown testing
  • Resistance measurements up to 2TΩ
  • Timer settings up to 99 minutes for timed tests
  • 3-year warranty
This product features Fluke Connect Technology

See it. Save it. Share it. All the facts, right in the field.

Fluke engineers have delivered an innovative mobile platform and tool that helps solve everyday problems, allowing you to instantly document measurements, retrieve historical data, and share live measurements with your team. All handled by the Android™ or iOS smart phone you already carry.

Fluke Connect with ShareLive™ video call is the only wireless measurement system that lets you stay in contact with your entire team without leaving the field. The Fluke Connect mobile app is works with over 20 different Fluke products - the largest suite of connected test tools in the world.

Make the best decisions faster than ever before by viewing temperature, mechanical, electrical and vibration measurements for each equipment asset in one place. Get started saving time and increasing your productivity.

Fluke Connect Features:

  • TrendIt™ Graphs: Use graphing to show changes in measurements, allowing you to graph and show problems instantly.
  • EquipmentLog™ History: Access equipment history building a database of equipment health and baselines with cloud backup.
  • ShareLive™ Video Calls: Save, collaborate and share measurements instantly with your team anytime, from anywhere.
  • AutoRecord™ Measurements: Instantly save measurements to your phone with Cloud backup.
  • Fluke Cloud™ Storage: Securely access equipment records anywhere, anytime.

Fluke Connect Benefits:

  • Maximize uptime
  • Minimize maintenance costs
  • Better assessments with accurate records
  • Higher efficiency with less walking around; no notebook and excel needed
  • Share troubleshooting knowledge live
  • Create and share helpful content in the field
  • Access to Fluke digital product manuals means no need to carry manuals in the field
  • Keep organized manually entered measurements


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