Fluke PM8907/813 Power Adapter/Battery Charger

Model: PM8907/813

$99.99 USD

Availability: 1 to 2 Weeks


Fluke PM8907/813 Offers

Based on Voice-of-the-Customer inputs, Fluke Industrial now changes the design of the US style mains adapters (battery chargers). The new version is equipped with a mains lead and US power plug rather than with a mains plug as an integrated part of the adapter body as was used before.

The new construction gives the following user benefits:

  • Longer overall lead length, so intrument can be charged and used further away from a mains outlet
  • The power adapter weight doesnt have to be supported by the mains plug and wall outlet anymore, so a reduced risk of damage
  • Easier to combine with other power plugs in combined outlets, socket strips, etc.

No change in electrical specification, other than the fact that a mains lead (with 2-pin US power plug) is used.

The mains cord length: 2.15m (7 feet)
Mains voltage: 120 VAC plus or minus 10 percent
Mains frequency: 60 Hz plus or minus 10 percent

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