Fluke PM9604 GPIB interface

Model: PM9604/00

For use with the PM6662/6665/6666/6669.

Sorry! This product has been discontinued.

The Fluke PM9604 GPIB interface has been discontinued, and does not currently have a replacement. If you would like a recommendation please call us at 1.877.766.5412


Features at a Glance:
Inside counter cabinet
Interface functions
SH1, AH1, T5, L4, SR1, RL1, DC1, DT1, E2
Address setting
Switch selectable between 0 and 30
Programmable device functions
PM 6669 All front panel settings except Power on/Stby, sensitivity and filter on/off; plus Trigger Slope (pos/neg).
PM 6666 Full GPIB programmability, Auto trigger, voltage measurements.
Special bus functions
  • Output separator selection
  • High-speed dump
  • MTCXO on/off
  • Short output format
  • Free run/Triggered measurements
  • Set SRQ-mask
  • Program data out queries
  • Device identify query

General Specifications
Programming code format

7-bit ISO code (ASCII) characters. Upper or lower case characters.
Input separator

The counter accepts the following separators: ETX, ETB, CR, LF, ' '(space), ',' (comma), ':' (colon) ';' (semicolon)
Output data separator

Default separator at power-on is LF. The separator can be programmed to any non-printable ASCII-code with decimal equivalent 0-31, except 27 (ESC). The combination 13 + 10 (CR + LF) can be programmed. The EOI line can be programmed to be active together with the last output byte sent.
Output format
Normal 20 characters plus separators(s) 7 characters alphabetic header plus 13 characters numeric value
Short output Alphabetic header and leading zeroes are omitted.
High-speed dump

The contents of internal registers are transferred to the controller, without being processed by the counter. The processing must be done in the controller instead.
Max output rate approx 100 readings/s
Output format A 2 character header, followed by 12 Hex-digits plus separator(s)
Max data output rate
Normal mode Approx 5 readings/s
High-speed dump Approx 100 readings/s
Output time for measuring data
Normal mode Approx 15 rms (20 bytes)
High speed mode Approx 6 ms (15 bytes)
Response time for addressing

Approx 600 ms
Response time for trigger command (GET)

Approx 10 ms
Typical read time for programming data

Approx. 1 ms/byte

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