Fluke 63 Infrared Thermometer

Model: 63

High-resolution, High accuracy, MAX temperature and backlit display, Laser targeting, range up to 535°C (999°F).

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  • Expanded measurement range up to 535 °C (999 °F)
  • High-resolution optics
  • High accuracy: 1 % and repeatability: 0.5 %
  • MAX temperature display
  • Laser targeting
  • Backlit display

The professional’s diagnostic tool
The Fluke 63 non-contact thermometer is the ideal professional diagnostic tool for quick and accurate temperature measurements. This handheld portable tool enables professionals to research heating and ventilation problems, monitor the status of electrical motors and electrical panels and diagnose car malfunctions with ease.

The Fluke 63 thermometer makes troubleshooting quick and easy. The single dot laser sighting system guides measurements to the right target and in less than a second, the large temperature display provides current and MAX surface temperatures. The locking trigger and tripod mount capability allow for continuous temperature monitoring.

Optical resolution
The single dot laser sighting system guides measurements to the right target and indicates the approximate center of the measurement area. D:S (distance to spot using 90 % encircled energy at focal point.)

Use the Fluke 63 within six feet of the intended target. At greater distances, the measured area will be larger (approximately the distance divided by 12). The Fluke 63 offset single-point laser indicates the approximate center of the measurement area.

Temperature range: -32 °C to 535 °C (-25 °F to 999 °F)

Distance to Spot size: 12:1

Laser sighting: Single point, offset

Emmissivity: Pre-set to 0.95

Accuracy: + 1% of reading or +1 °C (+2 °F), whichever is greater

Response time: 500 mSec

Weight/Dimensions: 320g (11 oz) 200 x 160 x 55 mm (8 x 6 x 2 in)

Power: 9V Alkaline Battery

Battery Life (Alkaline): 10 hrs. w/laser & backlight on 20 hrs. w/laser and backlight off

Display Hold: 7 seconds

Warranty: 1 year

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